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I am a Yoga teacher, a passionate home cook, and a loving mother to two children. Born in India, I come from a lineage of women known for their mouth-watering kitchen creations. Coorgis or Kodavas (as we’re known natively) are known for their many culinary delicacies like Pandhi (pork) curry, Bamboo shoot pickle, homemade wines, and much more. My grandmother used to make the most amazing jams and pickles - she was revered by family and friends for her Kaipuli (sour orange) jam and Pork pickle. She was the most wonderful cook and that talent passed on to my mum as well. I always enjoyed food as a child and the main reason I did is because of my mum’s mouth-watering food. Whether it was plain old rice and dhal (lentils), aloo parathas (potato stuffed flat bread), or mutton curry with spinach, meals were much savored in our household!


My passion for cooking is one that is inborn. I love the culture of food, I love cooking old and new recipes, and I definitely love eating it! My recent study of Ayurveda has allowed me to look at food from a healing perspective and I have personally experienced the wonderful healing potential of eating seasonal, fresh, and balancing foods. Applying Ayurvedic principles to my cooking has improved my Yoga practice, and has helped me find balance in my life from both a physical and mental aspect. Taking what I have learned from my mother, books, cooking shows and an Ayurvedic cooking training at the Natural Epicurean in Austin, I strive to bring authentic flavor, healthfulness, and passion to the kitchen and to my recipes. I hope you enjoy the journey I’m on and I hope to inspire you to bring the love of Cooking, Ayurveda, and Yoga into your home too!

Happy Cooking!

- Akshaya



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Making Veggie Pakoras




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Making Zucchini and Yellow Squash Stir Fry