The Launch

Many thoughts pour into my head as I write this post. I’ve been thinking about writing this for a few days and every time I have a thought I want to share, I save it away in a special place in my head. A place where thoughts routinely get lost - but every so often they can be recovered under the right circumstances.

I try not to “plan” a lot of my writing. I let a feeling take over me, the same feeling that takes over when I experiment with something new in the kitchen, or try out a family recipe that has been carefully handed down to me. This feeling often finds me after a particularly thoughtful meditation - one where I let my inhibitions go, where I access the depths of my soul and unearth my true desires. I honor this feeling and I rely on its guidance.

And that’s partially how I ended up with My Ayurvedic Kitchen (MAK). A few years ago, I wrote a food blog - which really didn’t have a focus. I wrote about my experiments in the kitchen - everything from Cuban, Italian, Indian, and American fare. I took pictures of everything I ate and rated my dining experiences. But after about two years of off and on blogging, life took over. Two beautiful children entered my world and although food was still an important part of my life, the blog just wasn’t moving in the direction I wanted. I really had no clue about my direction anyway - so I put my blogging on the back burner and allowed life to play out.

Once my youngest turned 18 months, I decided that it was time to focus on myself again. Before I had children, I taught Yoga for a couple of years in Toronto, Canada. My practice got me through two pregnancies and helped me with my postpartum recovery. Deep in my heart I knew that it was time to move into a deeper study of Yoga and I began my 500-hr studies. As part of my coursework, I chose to take a 90-hr module that explored Yoga with Ayurvedic cooking. I had never given Ayurveda a lot of thought in the past, but cooking was a big part of my life, as was Yoga. It was as though the universe had set it up just for me.

Somewhere in the 5-months of study, I had found my niche. My confidence soared and my passion fired up. I knew that Ayurveda and Yoga had to be practised in unison - for me there was no longer one without the other. Ayurvedic knowledge started creeping into my thoughts, especially while I cooked. I found myself adapting recipes and applying Ayurvedic principles to my cooking. I still have a weakness for good food and I do love to eat out. My goal isn’t to move towards a Sattvic diet (not at this moment in my life), but to take these principles and make them more accessible to everyday cooking and eating.

The rules may be broken from time to time (the rebel in me), but unless you’re gearing up for enlightenment and moving towards living a purely spiritual lifestyle, enjoy breaking them! Know that you can always come back to balance by following the principles that work for your constitution. Know that life is a journey of experiences, and the best way to truly enjoy these experiences is by staying balanced in mind and body - and I’m here to show you just how to do that.

Welcome to My Ayurvedic Kitchen! I hope you enjoy your time here.